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Paarl Property Consultants is an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors and Valuers offering an unsurpassable level of service to its client base with success and competitiveness being the only necessary performance indicators. Our client base includes Banks, Insolvency Practitioners, Business Recovery/Restructuring Professionals, Financial Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Accountants and Corporate Clients but we see no boundaries as to where we can provide the right advice.


This website provides an overview of our activities and the services we can provide but we do not list everything that we can do. We have expertise and specialism in a variety of sectors and flexibility is a key strength in Paarl. If we can do it, we will do it well. If we cannot do it, we will let clients and potential clients know immediately and more often than not we will point them to someone that can at no cost . We will not waste anyone’s time. We will not waste anyone’s money. Honesty and professionalism sit at the heart of everything Paarl does. We are not a main stream agency but from time to time, arising from our day to day activities we will have property to dispose of. We do not carry a mailing list, although we do register the details of those that enquire about our properties. If you are looking for property please bookmark our website and remember to make a return visit from time to time. Where properties are advertised, the particulars are available for download in a PDF format free of charge, although we will ask for your details for future reference. Contacting us in relation to any property service could not be easier. On any of our pages you are able to complete our “Contact Us” fields. We would always prefer to discuss your requirements on a one to one basis. All of our activity is undertaken subject to our standard disclaimer which can be found here. Be assured that Paarl Property Consultants will not fail to deliver a solution to your property needs if we believe we have the skill sets to assist you. Honesty and professionalism sit at the heart of everything Paarl does. Our reputation is our continued success. Testimonials are available on request.

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